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January 9, 2018 202-225-3001
Climate Solutions Caucus Welcomes Four New Members; Membership Grows to 66
New Members: Reps. Cicilline (RI-01), Sanford (SC-01), Esty (CT-05), and Donovan (NY-11).

(Washington) The bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus welcomed four new members to its growing membership: Congressman David Cicilline (RI-01), Congressman Mark Sanford (SC-01), Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty (CT-05), and Congressman Daniel Donovan (NY-11).

Co-Chaired by Congressman Ted Deutch (FL-22) and Congressman Carlos Curbelo (FL-26), the Caucus now has 66 members, split evenly between Democrats and Republicans, representing diverse districts from across the country.

“I’m pleased to kick off the new year with four new members of the Caucus," said Rep. Deutch. "As Washington begins to discuss a major infrastructure investment plan, climate change must be part of the conversation. You can’t talk about improvements to coastal highways, ports, and tunnels without talking about rising sea levels. Any infrastructure plan must include resiliency strategies to prepare communities across the country for the worsening impacts of climate change. I look forward to working with my Caucus colleagues to ensure that climate change is part of the conversation in the upcoming House session.”

“The real-world implications of sea level rise were on display for all to see in Texas, Florida and the Caribbean following Hurricanes, Harvey, Irma and Maria last year,” Rep. Curbelo said. “Since then, even more Members of Congress have turned their concern into action by joining the Climate Solutions Caucus. This growing coalition of Members from both parties and communities from across the country is essential to de-polarizing climate issues and opening the door to ensure meaningful, bipartisan Congressional action is possible.”

"Climate change is one of the great challenges of our time. If left unaddressed, it will have a devastating impact on people in my home state of Rhode Island and across our entire country," said Rep. Cicilline. "It's critical that all of us to more at every level of government to confront this threat and build a sustainable future for the next generation."

“For over 30 years, I have seen the ever-so-gradual effects of rising sea levels at our farm on the South Carolina coast,” said Rep. Sanford. “I've watched once-thriving pine trees die in that fragile zone between uplands and salt marshes. To me, the idea that we should be good stewards of what we’ve been given simply makes sense, and I look forward to working with the Caucus toward economically-viable options to conserve our natural resources.”

“Now that we’ve learned that weather disasters cost our country a record-shattering $306 billion in the last year alone, it’s become clearer than ever that we need to act to protect our climate for the health of our economy, our families, and our future,” Rep. Esty said. “Working together not as Democrats or Republicans, but as Americans who understand our obligation to future generations to preserve the Earth’s air, land, and water, we can find solutions that create new American green jobs, help businesses and families save money, and reduce pollution today and set the table for generations of American success. I’m excited to join my colleagues as a member of the Climate Solutions Caucus to work toward a cleaner, brighter future.”

“Five years ago, Superstorm Sandy devastated Staten Island and other parts of New York City – and just this year we saw hurricanes and wildfires ravage our nation," Rep. Donovan said. "Extreme weather events pose a significant risk to the safety of millions of Americans, businesses and properties, and we must act now to confront these challenges. I look forward to working with the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus to put forth innovative solutions that safeguard our environment and make communities across the country more resilient. As chairman of the subcommittee that has jurisdiction over anti-terror and natural disaster preparedness policies, I understand that the work of the Caucus is increasingly important to protecting our citizens.”

The mission of the Climate Solutions Caucus is to educate members on economically-viable options to reduce climate risk and to explore bipartisan policy options that address the impacts, causes, and challenges of our changing climate. As determined by the Co-Chairs, the Caucus membership will consist of equal representation by Democrats and Republicans.

The full membership of the Climate Solutions Caucus in the 115th Congress can be accessed here.


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