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Deutch Votes to Reassess U.S. Military Mission in Afghanistan, Update Withdrawal Timeline

Last week, Rep. Ted Deutch voted to require a reevaluation of U.S. policy in Afghanistan in the wake of Osama bin Laden’s death. While the war against terrorism is far from over, this legislation would have ordered the Obama Administration to reassess our need for an ongoing, massive troop presence in Afghanistan.

“We owe it to our troops, who have served honorably in Afghanistan for nearly a decade, to reassess our objectives there,” said Congressman Deutch. “Our military operations must reflect our goal of transitioning power to the Afghan people and ultimately, bringing our troops home.”

A broad coalition of members from both sides of the aisle supported the measure, however, it failed due to Republican opposition. The legislation would have required an updated intelligence estimate on al Qaeda’s current capabilities and requested that President Obama review our war policy and make any appropriate adjustments to our timeline for withdrawal. 

Deutch Sponsors Legislation Helping Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans Find Jobs at Home
Deutch meets with the Veterans' 
Advisory Council of Broward County.
With one in four veterans struggling to find employment after returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan, Congressman Deutch is working to streamline federal hiring practices and strengthen the job resources provided to our separating service members.

"The fact that so many veterans are falling through the cracks after courageously serving our nation abroad is absolutely unacceptable," said Congressman Deutch. "In this challenging economic time, we must bolster the jobs resources provided to our veterans so that they can start successful careers here at home." 

The Hiring Heroes Act of 2011 requires that each new veteran receive individualized employment counseling and creates new programs aimed at helping soldiers transition to civilian life. The bill also creates a competitive grant program for nonprofit organizations that mentor young veterans and offer job placement services. 

Deutch Serves on Escort Committee for Israeli Prime Minister's Address to Congress

Rep. Deutch with Prime
Minister Netanyahu.
Rep. Ted Deutch recently had the honor of escorting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu into the House chamber for an address before joint session of Congress. When a foreign leader addresses Congress, only a select few are chosen to serve on the official Escort Committee. Deutch is a tireless advocate for Israel's security, and recently met with the Prime Minister during a trip to Israel last month. 

"It was an honor to welcome Prime Minister Netanyahu to Washington and an even greater privilege to hear him address the 112th Congress," said Rep. Deutch. "The Prime Minister eloquently laid out why efforts to delegitimize Israel at the United Nations must be rejected and why peace can only be achieved through negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians, provided Hamas has no seat at the negotiating table." 

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