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Reps. Deutch, McGovern, & Edwards Introduce Democracy for All Amendment

Washington, DC | Jul 15, 2014

Today, U.S. Reps. Ted Deutch (FL-21), Donna Edwards (MD-4), and Jim McGovern (MA-2) were joined by Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (CA-12) and Chairman of the House Election Task Force John Larson (CT-1) to introduce H.J. Res 119, a companion to S.J. Res 19, the constitutional amendment slated for a historic vote in the U.S. Senate later this year. The Democracy is for All Amendment will reverse highly controversial Supreme Court decisions like Citizens United v. FEC and McCutcheon v. FEC, which have given corporations and the wealthiest donors the right to buy unlimited influence in our elections. “Our Founders pledged their lives, their liberty and their sacred honor to build a democracy—a ...

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Voting Record

Date Bill Vote
7/22 H.R. 3230 Yea
7/22 H.R. 1022 Yea
7/22 H.R. 4411 Yea
7/22 H.R. 4450 Yea
7/17 H.R. 4719 Nay
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